Integrating Art & Art Education as a Health Practice

A Project Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of
In the Department of Curriculum and Instruction
© Lindsay Jean Beal, 2010
University of Victoria

The arts enable unification of self, family, and community. There is healing potential when creativity is exercised. We can map out approaches to creative endeavors to guide us through confusion and ensure we meet our goals. I have outlined and enmeshed three mapping techniques: the directions as referred by many First Nations cultures, 5Rhythms®, and universal shapes. The archetypal Fool models a way of teaching the arts and accessing creativity. The Fool serves to make us laugh at our base and faulted human condition and to connect us to the sacred. Representing the innocent at the start of a journey the Fool may just as well be the wise one at completion. An educator must know her own journey in order to recognize and support others.

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