The Apparatus

The Apparatus, assemblage, 2010.The Apparatus communicates who I am as an artist and educator. It is a structure that stimulates personal growth, collaboration, and intimacy with others. It is loaded with references to my influences,inspirations and history. I love variety of mediums like diversity in culture and ecosystems. I prefer to use what I have on hand to minimize consumption and waste. I save the smallest scraps and am charmed by the humblest objects: a broken mug, a bundle of twigs, threads.

Visual Journal Spring 2018

A journey of transition. During the Spring of 2018 I joined an Art Journal group for women over 50 yrs. This facilitated group helped me through the early days of having lost my job (due to restructuring) with provocative art exercises. In making sense of my art, I made sense of my life. Please read the text accompanying each image.


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Currently updating this gallery

M.Ed. Work

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Family, friends, and home life.